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What To Expect

Welcome to North West Veterinary Dermatology Services.  
We will work in partnership with your primary care veterinarian to provide your pet with dermatological care. 
Please fill out the pet registration and medical history forms.
Initial consultations will begin with a discussion about the history of your pet’s skin/ear condition. The more information you can provide the better, especially in allergy cases. This will be followed by physical/dermatological examinations and in-house diagnostic tests (impression smears, skin scraping etc).
We will discuss the long-term plan and possibly further diagnostic testing. Estimates will be provided.
You will be provided with written discharge instructions after each visit. Recheck appointments, as recommended, will be necessary to stabilize your pet and set a long-term plan.
If you have questions about your pet’s dermatological care plan, we invite you to contact our practice. 

For non-dermatological matters (eg vaccines) you will be referred to your primary veterinarian.